Community Action Group Statement of Purpose

Thank you for your interest in TVA’s Community Action Groups. Out of an abundance of caution for the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing all CAG meetings and events at this time. We will update this site with any further updates as they are made available. Thank you for your understanding.

TVA is committed to doing the right thing to handle the legacy of coal generation and ensuring the safety of the workforce and the communities where TVA has or had fossil plants. As part of the commitment, TVA is creating Community Action Groups to help encourage dialogue and communicate about the status and plans for activities at the site.

DISCLAIMER: The information collected for the Community Action Group application will be used solely for the purpose of selecting members for the community action group. This information may be shared between MP&F Strategic Communications and the Tennessee Valley Authority for that purpose only. The information you provide will not be distributed or used for any future purposes other than the Community Action Group.

This group, consisting of local full-time residents, will work to identify community concerns and share them with TVA. To have a constructive and impartial dialogue, they will work with TVA to share information addressing those concerns and provide information about activities at the site.

In addition, Community Action Group members will identify ways in which to communicate to the larger community about their efforts, opportunities for the public to provide comment and/or input, and how to find information that answers questions and concerns on the safe management of coal combustion residuals (CCR).

The Community Action Group will not serve in an advisory function on the management of CCR or the closure, but will have all the same opportunities to provide input and review as the public on TVA proposed plans.

For more information or questions, call (865) 632-2911 or email