Feb. 13 Meeting Notes

Bull Run Community Action Group Meeting Summary

Bull Run – Feb. 13 CAG Presentation

Welcome: Dawn Ford welcomed the group, acknowledged the media and members of the public attending and provided overview of the purpose of the CAG and how the meetings were conducted. In addition, the members were asked if they were getting the materials they needed and how they wanted to share feedback from the community in their meetings.

Presentation on Water Quality: Jodie Birdwell, General Manager, Strategy and Engineering in Generation Construction, provided an overview of TVA’s program for reviewing surface, ground and drinking water at the Bull Run and other sites; the State and Federal oversight, what we are seeing on the Bull Run site and the studies that are underway to provide additional information on impacts from the management and storage of coal combustion residuals (CCR). https://tvacommittees.mpf.com/bull-run/feb-14-meeting-notes/

Questions from CAG:

What is the reason for the ban on eating catfish in the area? (PCB contamination)

Did the monitors pick up the recent earthquake activity in Tennessee? (To be provided)

When did the state groundwater monitoring begin? There are two networks, one for each permit: Dry Stack began in 1993; Gypsum Stack began in 2006

What is the source of the water in the culvert across from Henderson Bend? The water is runoff surface water, no water from the plant operations

Is TVA involved in work that DOE has concerning recovery of rare earth metals? (To be provided)

4. Questions from the public:

Anticipated date for testing results on Bull Run Creek

5. Additional Business: The CAG discussed administrative items facilitated by Dawn Ford:

  • Administrative:
    • Logistics for tour of TVA River Monitoring Center offered to the group for consideration, given the Kingston CAG upcoming tour
    • Meeting topics:
      • Group confirmed ongoing interest in economic development and future use discussions for the plant site
      • Additional worker safety discussion still a topic of interest
    • Next meeting: Bull Run Site tour Thursday, April 9, 2020, beginning at 4:00 p.m.
      • The tour will cover additional areas that the group did not have time to visit on the initial tour – coal pile, dry stack, landfill and proposed landfill site, Worthington Branch alterations
      • Following the tour, the group has asked for a briefing by TVA on economic development process and potential for reuse of the site after closure
  • Actions:
    • The water quality presentation deck on Bull Run to be provided to the CAG members.
    • Follow up on information requested:
      • Provide details on what the sensors picked up from recent earthquake activity
      • Post the Inspector General reports on groundwater monitoring programs at Kingston and Shawnee
      • Provide information on any work TVA might be doing with DOE on rare earth metals