Oct. 16 Meeting Notes

Bull Run Community Action Group Meeting Summary

  1. Introductions of the members and those attending were conducted
  2. An overview of the responsibilities and terms of service was reviewed
  3. The group determined the organization of meetings going forward
  4. The content available on tva.com website and Bull Run Plant page was covered to identify current information and resources available to the group
  5. An open discussion was held to identify key questions and information the group would like to have covered in their initial meetings:
    • More explanation of Bull Run site – plans, studies, background of projects
    • Information about the dust issue in community from TDEC and TVA
    • Worker / contractor safety protocols at the plant
    • Why Bull Run is closing and who/what were the inputs to this decision
    • Acronym list
  6. Group decided to have meetings every two weeks initially with meetings to be held at the City of Oak Ridge offices
  7. Group would like to have a tour of the Bull Run site

Next Steps:

  1. Conduct poll to determine next meeting date/time
  2. Ask members to consider self-nomination for chair / co-chair positions
  3. Provide website portal to begin providing information and resources for the group